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The Endo Fertility Solution

"I have suffered with endometriosis for years…with a history of infertility and miscarriage.  I was facing IVF and began doing some research, and came across Louise (who was highly recommended). It wasn't long after working together that I started seeing a difference in my cycles and pain, with the side effects becoming easier to manage. Louise knows so much and totally understands how you feel.


Our IVF was booked for April. Fast forward to January – the double lines on the pregnancy test. I was gobsmacked! I was so happy but still couldn’t get too excited as we weren’t over the line just yet. I carried on working with Louise and her treatment adapted to suit the stages of pregnancy.  Louise was with us every step of the way, the highs the lows. She was amazing throughout. I highly recommend working with her."


"Since working with Louise I have seen a big improvement in my symptoms. Before, I would experience extreme fatigue during ovulation, and unbearable PMS symptoms such as acne, bloating, breast pain, food cravings and mood swings, which were very debilitating and meant I couldn't do many things I enjoyed. I hardly get these now.

The herbs are also helping to ease my heavy, painful periods. Louise has given me useful lifestyle tips and I have a much better quality of life now thanks to Louise's treatment and advice."


"I'd been given a diagnosis of secondary infertility which was incredibly frustrating, and I felt totally unsupported by the NHS. I believe the progression of my endometriosis was a crucial factor in my problems conceiving; indeed I was pretty much written off by the first fertility consultant I spoke to.

But I couldn't give up and so I found Louise. I immediately felt so understood and supported - she gave me hope. And working together, I could feel my health and fertility changing. My periods improved dramatically.

I found another consultant who was willing to give IVF a go, and Louise helped me to prepare. I know her treatment played a vital role in me producing healthy embryos, having a successful implantation and sailing through to the 12 week pregnancy scan. I couldn't be happier."


"Before beginning my treatment with Louise the time leading up to my period and the period itself would including horrific cramping, nausea, headaches and upset stomach to name a few. My cycle is now completely changed with Louise’s expert treatment!

The improvements in my cycle have been life changing. I’m no longer dreading the approach to periods and feel I’m far more able to function normally throughout my period with now minimal cramping and no other horrible side effects. Louise’s willingness to listen and treat me with absolute care has been a breath of fresh air and a real game changer!"


"I struggled with debilitating pain in the run up to my period and during the bleed with my endometriosis.  I was trying to conceive but it wasn't happening and I was finding it really challenging because of the discomfort.  I'd even had excision surgery for my endo, but was so disappointed in the results. It barely helped my symptoms, and left me with some nerve damage.

I'm so glad I found Louise and Chinese Medicine. It's transformed my symptoms and massively improved my quality of life. And best of all, I conceived and I now have a beautiful baby girl. If you get a chance to work with Louise, grab it!"


"Endometriosis has had a huge impact on my life, pain, confidence, fertility and my experiences. Before working with Louise, my periods were debilitating and extremely painful. The pain so bad I would want to be sick. Every month I would suffer from excruciating migraines and get cold sores. 

Since working with Louise, my life has improved so much and my periods are so much more manageable. While they are still not perfect, I certainly don’t dread them and they don’t have the huge impact on my life like they once did. My sleep and energy have dramatically improved too. I can actually function in the week before and during my period.

The level of treatment from Louise is so comprehensive it has empowered me to understand my cycle and my condition. Louise has completely changed my life. I now manage my endometriosis – it doesn’t manage me."


"Before starting working with Louise, I used to suffer nearly every day with constant pains and headaches.  After taking Louise’s advice and following her treatment, these symptoms stopped occurring almost daily and were reduced to a couple of days during the premenstrual stage.  The headaches became nearly non existent, I only suffered with cramps during the first 2 days of my cycle and my cycle itself became more manageable.  My digestive systems also improved. 

Working with Louise has made a massive difference to my life.  I am also currently 14 weeks pregnant!  I would strongly recommend anyone with endometriosis to contact Louise."


"Having endometriosis feels like your body hates you. The debilitating pain, nausea and fatigue not only affects you physically, but the relentless and unpredictable nature of the disease can considerably impact your mental wellbeing too. 

When I first started seeing Louise, I had crippling periods that saw me bedridden for up to a week and was also symptomatic throughout the majority of my cycle. I would regularly suffer with severe cramping, brain fog, constipation, migraines, insomnia and night sweats. 

Working with Louise has been a joy – she’s super understanding and extremely knowledgeable. My periods now, whilst still painful, are manageable and my other symptoms have reduced considerably (with most disappearing altogether).

I cannot speak highly enough of Louise, her approach with her patients and her passion and commitment to continually learning about women’s health is second to none. I unequivocally recommend her to anyone unduly suffering – she will help you!"


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