5 Endo Fertility Game Changers Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About

(An endo fertility masterclass all about how to remove the confusion, reclaim your health and restore your fertility naturally)

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In this masterclass, you'll discover:

  • The innovative strategies that increase your chances of getting pregnant, to build the family you deserve
  • How endo sufferers are taking control of their health and fertility NOW… rather than waiting for medical interventions with poor success rates
  • What your periods say about you and your health, and what we can do about them
  • The “ovarian reserve and age” MYTH and what to look for instead
  • What you need to be advocating for if you're considering endo surgery
  • That your vaginal microbiome is as important as your gut microbiome - we'll explain why
  • Just what's possible to reclaim your health and fertility from endometriosis naturally (clue: it's amazing!)
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Louise Collyer specialises in supporting women with endometriosis to conceive both naturally and via IVF. She is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, a Functional Medicine professional, an acupuncturist, a herbalist and a natural health guru.

She's spent over a decade studying, advocating, and treating women's health and fertility issues and has a particular passion for liberating people from the suffering of endo.  Her Endo Fertility Solution enables women to transform their health, reclaim their life and have a healthy pregnancy.

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